6 Helpful Tips for Finding Love When Traveling

6 Helpful Tips for Finding Love When Traveling

It’s not surprising that many people have found love when traveling. If single and looking for the love of your life, you may want to find a lover on the road. Here are six tips that will make finding love on the road easier. 

  1. Don’t Fear Talking to Strangers 

It’s easy to keep everything to yourself when traveling. This is particularly the case when traveling alone. But, this shouldn’t be the case. Instead, you should talk to strangers. Don’t fear talking to people you don’t know. Starting a conversation can mark the beginning of a long, happy love life. So, don’t fear to extend a conversation with a person that you meet and feel like you can get along. 

  1. Try Dating Apps 

The internet has many dating apps that you can use when traveling to find love. It’s easier to find a person that you can get alone well when traveling. Location-based dating apps can help you meet a new person that can end up being your life partner. 

  1. Use Social Media 

You may come across social media groups and pages that connect travelers. Using such platforms can help you connect with people that also want to find love while traveling. Some social media platforms can also be used to bring members of travel clubs together. They can also be used to organize travel tours for singles. Find such opportunities to easily find love when traveling. 

  1. Participate in Travel Groups Activities 

Travel groups engage in different activities. Participating in such activities can be a great way to find the love of your life. Any travel group activity that brings people together can be an opportunity for you to find love. 

  1. Don’t Fear to Say Yes 

Be open-minded and ready to try new opportunities. If a member of a travel group invites you for a tour or expedition, don’t be afraid of saying yes. Sometimes people find love in the least expected places. Therefore, don’t be afraid of saying yes when invited for a trip. 

  1. Go on Singles-Only Trip

Many companies host singles-only vacations. These can take you to any part of the world. When you go on a singles-only trip, don’t be afraid of approaching a person that you would like to have as a lover. This is very important as the singles-only trip that you attend could mark the beginning of your love life. 

Follow these tips and you will have an easier time finding the love of your life when traveling.

Travel Items You Don’t Need

Travel Items You Don’t Need

You have probably read a lot of articles on the basic travel items that you should never leave behind when packing for a trip. However, few resources highlight the travel items to not pack when going on trips. Nevertheless, the following are the main travel items that you do not need. 

Expensive Jewelry 

Although you may want to look flashy on vacation, traveling with your expensive jewelry could only cause unwarranted attention and put them at risk. Expensive jewelry can make you a target for criminals. Besides, they could also easily encounter damager or get lost on the road, resulting in huge unnecessary losses. If you must carry jewelry, consider the less valuable pieces. 

Many Tech Gadgets 

Although tech gadgets are ideal for all travelers, you should not pack all the devices in your office or home for a trip. To avoid packing excessive devices, consider traveling with tech gadgets that can perform multiple functions. For instance, an iPad can be used for photography, reading, capturing videos and entertainment. That means you will not need to carry many tech devices. The golden rule is to only carry essential travel devices. 

Shampoo and Soap 

Shampoo and soap are basic toiletries offered in almost every accommodation. Besides, they are also readily available in many local shops. As such, packing them will only waste space and add unnecessary weight to your luggage.  

Travel Iron 

A travel iron may seem like a basic travel item for business travelers. But, you can still ensure pristine looks without carrying a travel iron. Today, many hotels and accommodations offer laundry services to take care of the washing and ironing needs of their clients. Besides, you can also opt for wrinkle-free clothes that do not require ironing. 

Generally, there are several other travel items that you do not need. But, the ones discussed above are critical to saving space and maintaining light luggage when traveling. 


Types of Travel Agents

Types of Travel Agents

A travel agent mainly operates as a middleman between travelers and travel service providers. Working on behalf of travelers or travel companies, travel agents often sell tickets and travel products, make reservations for accommodations. Contrary to what some people usually think, travel agents make their money through commissions deducted from the overall sales that they make to the service providers. Nevertheless, the following are the main types of travel agents that you should know. 

General Sales Agents 

These travel agents work like tourism ambassadors, promoting the services of foreign travel companies. Such travel agents are scattered across various destinations in the world but, they only promote travels to or within a particular destination that also serves as the headquarters for their organizations. Their only duty is to help travelers to get better deals for visiting that particular destination. Hence, they are not indebted to any airline or resort. 

Business/ Leisure Travel Agents 

Many travel organizations today have a designated/ leisure business travel department. These agents are specifically focused on finding better deals for those who travel for business reasons and leisure. That kind of specialization enables them to source travel deals based on the specific needs of travelers, which is more convenient. 

Online Travel Agents 

The internet has played a major role in shaping up key procedures in the travel industry. Online travel agents enable travelers to get amazing deals by comparing various flights and hotel options. The agents have websites with information about the airfares and accommodation rates by different airlines and hotels. Putting all that information on a single platform gives travelers an easier time to find the best travel deals at their convenience. 

Multi-Destination Travel Agents 

As the name suggests, these travel agents have a wider reach and can help you find better deals for visiting any part of the world. 

Whether you are planning to travel locally or internationally, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional travel agent. However, you should first find out the particular travel services that the agent offers to determine the right entity to work with. 

Reasons to Fly First Class with Kids

Reasons to Fly First Class with Kids

Some people usually find it hard to fly with their kids mainly on the assumption that they may not feel comfortable. However, that is only a myth that exists in people’s imaginations. In fact, flying first class with your kids can be one of the most memorable experiences. In case you are wondering, check out the benefits of flying first class with kids below.

More Comfort

Comfort is one of the main concerns when traveling with kids. And, flying first class can guarantee greater comfort that will sure keep your kids happy and relaxed throughout the trip. A first class cabin has larger seats and additional legroom so your kids can have better rest and also stretch with ease during the trip.

Great Entertainment

One of the rules for traveling with kids is keeping them entertained throughout the trip. Kids get bored easily and will need something to keep them lively so you can both enjoy the trip. The first class cabin comes with interactive in-built entertainment features including TV, games, music and so much more.

Access to Kids’ Lounge

Today, many airports have taken their game to the next level with unique offerings to ensure that passengers have the most fulfilling experiences. Some airports have first class children-friendly lounges packed with toys, books and gifts to keep them occupied and happy while waiting for transfers or takeoff.

Variety of Meals

If you do not want to bother with buying food at the airports to keep your kids energized when traveling, buying a first class ticket is a great idea. When flying first class, you will also have a wide variety of meals to choose from. For kids aged 2 to 12 years old flying first class, most airline carriers often provide custom meals, provided you notify the staff in advance.

While some passengers may not be pleased with you bringing toddlers into the first class cabin, the happiness and comfort of your kids is the most important thing. Do not let other people deny you the chance to be happy with your kids.


How to Hide Your Valuables While Traveling

How to Hide Your Valuables While Traveling

There are several kinds of valuables that people carry while traveling. Some of the most common include money, credit and debit cards, passport, visa, jewelry among others. While these can be replaced, their loss or destruction during a trip can be very costly. Generally, there are many ways to hide your valuables while traveling. Below are some of the best tricks to pursue in your next trip to ensure the safety of your valuables.

Safe Travel Clothing

Today, there are many versions of safe travel clothing that travelers can use to hide their valuables while on the road. The popular ones include belts, underwear, shoes and leg wallets. Belts and underwear with disguised pockets for keeping money and smaller items like cards are available in many stores online and offline. You can also opt for travel flip flops with hidden compartments on the soles for keeping cards and money. A leg wallet is like an ordinary wallet but it has features for securing it on the legs, which is much safer.

Phone or Tablet Case

The case for your phone or tablet can also provide a safe space to hide valuables while traveling. Some cases have additional compartments for such purposes but, others do not have them. If your phone or tablet case does not have an extra pocket, you can still carefully create a decoy wallet at the back or front side. The hidden pocket can hold money as well as cards, passport and visa.

Neck Pouches

Neck pouches are also very convenient when it comes to hiding valuable during travels. The pouches are smaller in size but, equipped with multiple pockets and a strap to use in hanging it on the neck just like a necklace. Neck pouches can hold money, cards, visa, jewelry and other smaller valuables. The best way to conceal a neck pouch is tucking it inside the shirt or blouse. In this way, you can always feel it on your chest.

Hiding your valuables while traveling can be tricky but, with the above tips, you will find it to be much easier.


How to Capture Fun Moments When Travelling

How to Capture Fun Moments When Travelling

Travelling is an incredible way to create lasting memories. Justy of On The Rocks Party Halls shared with me in a recent interview that, the memories can only last if they are documented in the right ways. While there are obviously some moments that you will live to remember clearly, there is so much more that you cannot keep in your head. The following are some of the best ways to capture fun moments when travelling.


This is perhaps the most common and easiest way that most travelers use to document their experiences. Today, there are many smartphones that can be used to take and store quality photos when travelling. Besides, you can also use a digital camera to snap the fun moments during your trip. With the high end smartphones and digital cameras available today, you can also get creative with the photos.

Travel Videos

Besides still photos, videos are also a great way to capture fun moments during trips. In fact, a trip is never complete without even a single video. One good thing about travel videos is that they enable you to document the action as it is in real time. Today’s smartphones are built with video capturing functions that allow you to easily film the actions on-the-go.

Postcards and Souvenirs

Post cards are available across the world and every country has unique pieces that reflect on their culture. Although they may not capture the moments in real time, postcards provide a visual reminder of the destination of your trip. When travelling, you can also buy souvenirs to tell your story. In fact, you can even buy custom made souvenirs with photos of your fun moments during the trip.

Travel Journal

If you are good with words, writing a travel journal can be great for capturing the experiences when travelling. This is like a diary where you write down the details of your trip as you experience them.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other ways that you can still capture fun moments when travelling like travel blogging, scrap book and travel maps.


How to Be Acquainted with Strange Land Natives When Travelling

How to Be Acquainted with Strange Land Natives When Travelling

Traveling to foreign destinations can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time visiting the place. Besides the small talks when buying stuff, asking for transport or seeking other services, getting acquainted with foreigners can be very challenging. Below are a few tips to assist you in getting acquainted with strange land natives when travelling.

Politely Ask for Directions

Today there are apps that travelers can use to find directions in just any places around the world but, relying solely on them can deny you the opportunity of a firsthand experience with the locals. Despite the language barrier, you can easily ask for directions with basic gestures. While doing this, act politely and, you might easily get a local travel companion.

Opt for Public Transport

Although public transport can be annoying and uncomfortable in some destinations, it is one of the best places to interact with strangers. Generally, you can expect lots of surprises like people singing in the bus, traveling with animals and so forth. However, using public transport will allow you interact with the locals as they go about their daily businesses.

Eat at the Local Restaurants and Cafes

To properly mingle with strange land natives, skip eating at the popular areas frequented by tourists. Instead, choose to have at least one meal at day at the hidden eateries that most locals visit. At these joints, you will be able to meet many locals and the food is also cheaper than in high end restaurants. Besides, it is also at these little known joints that you can enjoy sumptuous local cuisines.

Attend Local Events

When planning to travel to a foreign destination, you should also find out about any upcoming local events like festivals. Visiting these events and taking part in the local activities during your trip can be an easier way to understanding the culture of the natives and making new friends.

Apart from the above tips, planning guided tours or hiring tour guides can also assist you in getting acquainted with strange land natives when travelling.


Top Attractions to Visit in Mumbai

Top Attractions to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is characterized by a diversity of color as women walk along the streets in their orange, pink and red saris. Beyond that, Mumbai is the economic powerhouse of India. Here, you’ll stumble across everything from Bollywood to beaches.  Don’t miss the following 5 attractions for an unforgettable trip.

The gateway of India

The Gateway of India is arguably Mumbai’s most striking monument.  It’s located on the seafront in Colaba, south Mumbai. It was built in 1924 to honor the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the city in December 1911. Moreover, it is where the last of the British battalion left, marking the culmination of British rule after India attained its autonomy in 1947. The first thing that you see when you approach Mumbai by boat is the imposing Gateway which represents both old Bombay and new Mumbai. It’s a great place to begin exploring Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves

10 Kilometers east of Mumbai lay the Elephanta caves in Elephant Island.  These are ancient rock-cut caves. Lord Shiva and other gods stick out of the rock, narrating stories of intrigue and re-embodiment and a number of pillars afford it the appearance and feel of a temple. The gigantic main cave, dedicated to Lord Shiva, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It boasts of some stunning artwork and sculptures.

Dharavi Slum

You’ll find Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum settlement, in Mumbai. You can explore it as well. While some people are hesitant to visit the slum citing moral reasons, since they feel it’s not good watching other people suffering, the reality is quite different though. A visit to the slum is actually insightful and dismisses the negative preset stereotypes that persons have. Dharavi is characterized by active small-scale industry, and you can shop for fabrics and leather items among other items.

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

A visit to Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat gives you a memorable peek into the inside of the city. It is arguably the world’s biggest open-air laundry. Dirty laundry from in and around the city is brought here and thoroughly hand washed in a series of concrete troughs by dhobis. The clothes are hanged on laundry lines for drying and then ironed before being sent back to their respective owners on the same day.

Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

Mumbai’s popular Kala Ghoda Art Precinct extends from Regal Circle along the Mahatma Gandhi Road up to Mumbai University. Its strange name, which means ‘Black Horse’, referenced to a statue of King Edward VII that was once situated there during colonial rule. Today, the crescent-shaped stretch is the cultural hub of Mumbai and it’s littered with the best art galleries and museums in Mumbai.

By way of an example, if you stroll from Regal Circle, on your left, you’ll encounter the Mumbai National Gallery of Modern Art. Massive refurbishment works have transformed it into the present bright and contemporary space featuring semi-circular galleries at various levels.

After a long day of sightseeing, unwind with the locals on the shores of Juhu and Marine Drive, and enjoy the view of the setting sun. Indeed, the magical city of Mumbai has a lot to offer.